New York, Long Island Winter Landscapes Introduce Themselves

Not a big bang but an introduction to the wonderland to come. The trees we plant, the gardens we design, even though are mostly put to bed by now, are capturing the winter snow and cold effects and demonstrating them in numerous ways.

The Yellow Brick Road Revisited
Winter introduction in New York, Long Island
Leaves Holding Close as first snow sticks
Looking close from far away
Cold yet Majestic

Snow and cold change how our landscapes look and change how we feel. Some people see snow and all they feel is the rush of the wind in their face as they are sliding, sledding or skiing down a hill. Not to diminish the thrill of change but other people see snow and all they feel is the cutting, bitting, whip of the winter wind. The cold depresses some folk while invigorating others. Of course you know which one you are, so I won’t go any further. The one thing both groups of people enjoy is the sensation of going in, out of the cold, into a warm room infused with sweet smells and glowing flames (some type of fireplace). It can’t be denied that the majority of human beings like the contrasts in life. Each of us define these contrasts for ourselves, but it is a truth we live with. In this article I am going to show you some pictures through my eyes and how the winter begins to come alive for me.

Take the journey with a goal in mind.

Light and dark with shades in between reveal worlds of wonder, form, mystery and reflection. What do you give yourself the chance to see? Time to close your eyes and consider the possibility that you can see what you want to see. In the smallest of places the greatest adventures can begin. Where will you allow yourself to travel if you only had the opportunity to stand in one spot and just slowly turn around. When you open your eyes what is it you will see? Will it be enough to fill you up for that moment? If not, what would you need to see, to begin the process…

Just Believe

It is all one large dream painted on a limitless canvas.

The choice lies with us. Our mind can give us the opportunity to reach out or close itself off. The work is still ours to own. Do not forget that last line. It is work and begins with every waking breath. If while awake we work hard, we have the opportunity to be at peace as we sleep. Until next time, I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Treat yourself well. Treat someone else well. Give something without the expectation of getting anything back.


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