New York Winter Pruning & The Disintegrating American Dream

Simplify to survive before all ability to fix and replace the neglected is lost amongst the false hopes of those in power.

Hear on Long Island in the northeastern part of the United States the winters give us a number of opportunities to prune and design our trees. The questions start piling up as to where to begin and what is most important to do. There is a cost to pruning your trees in the winter. If you do the work yourself the costs are tools and time. If you hire someone to do the work for you, you may need to come up with a list of trees and your expectations as to what to have those trees look like. No matter how you choose to manage your trees, knowing what can be done, what you want done and what impact the pruning will have on the entire property when they begin growing again, need to be considered (unless you are removing things).

IF you have read this far you must be wondering why so dry, why so boring. Well, the truth is winter is here, days are shorter (light deprived) and my life has come to a crossroad. All these things converge on an individual bursting with life, with very few containers to fill up. Love and laughter have been replaced with emptiness and wanting. Honestly, I can take care of myself, the only thing that can’t be created on my own is intimacy. I fill my gardens with my visions and passions. I try doing this for my children and family as well. At some point the gardens, my friends, my children and the gym just aren’t enough. What to do, what to do?

With all my knowledge and experience you would think I would engage myself ┬áhead first into planting designs, restoration work, trees and flowers. It sounds ideal except for the fact that it is winter and other than research there isn’t much for me to do here on Long Island when there is snow on the ground. My new venture, this website, takes time and effort and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this forum. This new age tool ( along with a new renewal in marketing have been my savior. I am currently trying to build a content foundation that will translate into a book. I would like this creative venture to be centered around Restoring Your Gardens and Feeding Your Soul. How to balance yourself with nature. Well, that is where I would want it to be centered around.

Now that I have exposed myself emotionally and set out my short term goal (no not world dominance), I will bid all a good day. As we part let me linger on the idea of “all for one and one for all”, a quote all should be familiar with. This is a life philosophy I would ask all to ponder. If all strive to improve the life of one as that one collaborates with all to improve…, the world around, why have we not evolved further. I ask everyone to think about this because of how broken the American political system has become. We live in a world where too many choices have gotten in the way of our united success. This diluted way of life has infused itself into our garden and landscape development, our relationships and our overall ethics and values. I don’t have a complete solution except to state the obvious.

Simplify to survive before all ability to fix and replace the neglected is lost amongst the false hopes of those in power.

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