Once Flowering In NY On Long Island Begins, How To Keep Blooming

Keeping your property on Long Island in bloom once it all starts flowering becomes the goal of many homeowners.

Hi everyone. Get ready for me to blow your gardening mind. I am your friendly neighborhood Tree Sculptor/Garden Designer/Spacial Relationship Expert/Certified Arborist/Garden Restoration Specialist/Master Gardener/Lover of Nature and the elements that challenge our environment/Best Garden Management Guide for the Homeowner seeking the greatest value through proper timely care. Hope your not too overwhelmed. Which one do you need me to be for you? Not an easy question to answer, I know, but a thought provoking introduction so no further time is wasted. Consider this and then continue reading.


OK. What have you individually come up with? The truth is it really doesn’t matter. The fact that you have found my page(s) and began exploring the ideas within my language and concepts brings me to one conclusion. Your searching for answers. Yeah, I know that wasn’t a difficult conclusion to come up with. The unfortunate problem is, you have been searching for answers for a long time. I hope you can stop and consider that you have found the right place to begin answering some of the questions that so many others haven’t been able to reasonably explain. I can simply begin by stating the obvious, and that is, nature is constantly rebalancing itself to compensate for human interference. My job and yours is to watch, listen and be sensitive enough to respond to those changes to find harmony amongst the chaos.


The previous article https://plantwithme.com/springtime-flowers-in-and-around-long-island-new-york which focused on early flowering trees and plants in the landscape is wonderful but those moments end and most who see the opening act, if they enjoyed the visual effects and story, want to see and experience more. So here we are, wanting more flowers and wondering how we can get them to be a part of our immediate world, to return to us year after year. From the previous article discussing flowering plants (trees, evergreens and perennials) we go into the second act experiencing hybrid Magnolias like xJane. This flower display is quickly followed by the RedBud or Cercis the botanical name. The flowering perennials popping are the Creeping Phlox in it’s pinks, purples and on occasion whites. The Daffodils are beginning to fade as the temperature rises, daylight extends over the northern part of the planet and deciduous trees leaf out creating shade environments. I must rewind and talk about one perennial. Before the Daffodils show their displays the Hellebores also known as Lenten Roses come alive. After the Daffodils the Virginia Blue Bells and then the Alliums (ornamental Onion Family) dance in the spring time winds. In the middle of this continuing flower display are the Tulips and then the Wisteria, which so many people fear due to their lack of experience  (landscapers don’t know and don’t take the time to manage). It is disappointing that so many garden designers and landscape designers create these plans that are unsustainable due to their own lack of knowledge or customer care.


Wisteria display in blue, but it can be white, pink or deep purple
Wisteria display in blue, but it can be white, pink or deep purple

Lenten roses, Hellebores, late Winter Displays to Mid Spring in a variety of forms and colors
Lenten roses, Hellebores, late Winter Displays to Mid Spring in a variety of forms and colors

What else should you be looking for when trying to create your own sustainable paradise here on earth? I dont’ care if you have 1/4 acre or 1000 acres. Understanding the process of developing the land, the gardens, the trees, the soil and the the supporting environment is key to maintaining the value of whatever developing changes you engage in on your piece of property. With that said, a competent and responsible architect or designer will lay out a plan and hopefully a management expectation to help their design concepts build value over time. With this additional piece of knowledge homeowners could choose if what they are going to spend their money on is worth the long term financial commitment. This is where I would hope university programs delve into training their students for real world applications, not the fantasy gardens that only Disney and some billionaires can financially sustain. Homeowners, bank accounts and the environment would benefit from the additional student training and experience.

I really want to go back to flowers but at this point you have enough ammunition to begin your own flowering adventure and to ask the great questions to help you find value, fairness and the highest possible commitment from the garden and landscape community. I am always here in one form or another trying to strike a balance for all to attach themselves to. In the end everyone has to choose who they are going to trust and how far they are willing to let themselves be manipulated. Don’t forget… JUST SAY NO. At any point through the process and the journey don’t be afraid to say, STOP, THAT IS NOT WHAT I THOUGHT I WAS PAYING FOR! The goal is to do it once and do it right. Anything that gets in the way of that must be addressed before anything else occurs. The pathway is never easy and quick BUT the journey is so worth taking.

To All those brave enough to follow their own bouncing ball and carve out their own niche in this conforming universe, I say, your not alone and their is an army of individuals armed and empowered to help you stay on course. You found me didn’t you? Now call me or someone you feel you can trust to help guide you to that which you see in your mind.

Flowers aren’t constant. Flowers open and close and eventually exhaust themselves. It is only through our personal efforts that we find life, we witness change and we teach others greater understanding of the diversity of life. Being an active participant in this life, beginning with the changes in our own communities ignites the passion for tolerance and begins softening the fear and hatred brought on by self segregation. These are not easy goals to strive for but they strengthen the will of all people. Peace till we pass once again.

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