Plant An Island Of Your Very Own

We all have been somewhere other than our own homes and felt as though we could stay there forever and call that place home. What was it that that place had that made you feel that way? Was it the water, the trees, the flowers, the snow? Well maybe not the snow for this blog.

One persons paradise

Whatever it was that it had you need to bring it home and wake up to it every day. Drive into it every day. Walk around and through it every day.

What makes an Island. Gardens unlimited.

I recently met a very excited man who after many years of taking care of his wife and kids and patients (he is a doctor), he is now taking care of himself. He said to me “I love the Adirondacks and will bring the Adirondacks to my home.” I could only imagine that after all these years he finally will bring that feeling to his home in Dix Hills, NY. He said his home sits on 1 acre of land. More than enough area to design and install the ponds and water features he has always appreciated when traveling.

Island in the shade by a river of stones.

So the challenge stands to all those who have been somewhere other than home and returned home wanting. Bring that feeling home and create your own getaway.

Wimsicle yes, maintenance free no.

I tell my clients that things in nature take time and for your property to develop into that which you dream about begin with one spot and work from there.

Islands surrounded by seas of green.

I believe in Islands because they are independent from all that surrounds them yet they have the ability to bring everything together. An Island can separate areas, block views, create mystery and invite the viewing audience to wonder what is around the other side. An Island has questions and adventures and wonder. How would you like to live among that sensation every day? I won’t go into it any further because I will ruin the feeling of being young with never-ending possibilities.

Bench hanging from old tree. What can you imagine?

Go out and slay that dragon, save the princess, dance till you drop, become the rockstar, love the one who does it for you just because they do.

Begin building your island and don’t stop till you are home. If you need help, please let me know.

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