Plant With Me, Inc – Who and What Are You?

I  placed  a local business add in one of the Long Island’s papers, here in New York. I must say, I am pleased and surprised at the positive response I have gotten. North Shore Today is the name of the paper, and if anyone wants to advertise their business around Long Island, call Vinny and tell him Michael from Plant With Me sends his best. The reason I bring this all up is, I experienced one women who emailed me to inquire about my services and POW, I thought it was clear, what my company did and what our focus was, but maybe not (even though there are many facets to my business).

MANAGING design development, more than a plan with plants.

We bantered back and forth and then finally I tried defining Plant With Me in a nut shell. Here is what I wrote to her.

“If you want a hands on, one on one relationship with the individual who will be touching your gardens and plants, Plant With Me is the company you are looking for. Personal care, attention to detail and artistic integrity in regard to design and development of gardens are our focus.”

Update Note: 2-15-2011 : I need to amend this idea of who or what Plant With Me represent. We are the CONSULTING OBSERVERS. Plant With Me will review and assess the concerns of trees, gardens and landscapes as Pruning Specialist. Plant With Me will educate and inform, so property owners can make realistic choices.

This seems to have gotten her attention. Up to this point she was all about challenging me to determine if the process was worth her time. In the end, as I have discussed in previous articles, one of the hardest things to do, is to put your trust in someone you haven’t previously worked with. Making that leap of faith and trusting references, finding no negative past consumer reports and even a possible demonstration of knowledge can be challenging when committing to spending your hard earned savings. So, what do you do?

It is as difficult as if choosing to search for a new companion, after years, acclimated in the same relationship (that came to an end). Knowing yourself, your want, your needs and what you are willing to commit to achieving your goals becomes critical. Sound familiar? Sounds like the development of a relationship to me.

I have be pruning, planting, designing, managing and thinking about pruning, planting, designing and managing gardens and properties, for what seems like a lifetime and I love it more with every sunrise and every sunset. I wish I could share with everyone how I feel about what I do, but my hope is the words and language I have used demonstrates my passions. There is no guarantee everyone has the ability to feel what I am putting out there (for it is a little organic), so good luck trying to figure out your needs and wants and the journey to fulfilling them all.

Until we communicate again, I hope you have a better understanding of who and what Plant With Me, Inc is, and practices to perfect.

Great days ahead created by thoughtful, committed hopes and dreams (add a strong work ethic).

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