Plant With Me Reaching Out To Gardeners For A Response

FOR THOSE BRAVE ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IN CHANGE. I recently visited this web site, and left this message. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? I have children so I must hope.

To President Obama (11-20-11):
I must say the hope has severely faded. Our system of government in this country has deteriorated to such an extent that any and all attempt to right ourselves fails due to ego and or closed minded politically motivated agendas? Doesn’t anyone look at what we have become and think, ‘enough’. I know from an outsiders perspective that is how I view the United States Of America.

I never considered myself an outsider until now. I am 45 years old, married to a wonderful woman and have two children. I have always believed that the freedom me hold so dear is not free. There is a price to pay for what we have; what we have created. To feel like an outsider in my own country is a very disturbing sensation. I turn on the TV this morning to learn that our criminal justice system has stopped yet another individual planning to hurt Americans and the way of life we have developed.

When will it be that the individuals who have chosen to take on the responsibility to speak for those who can’t speak, risk their own lives for change. The status quo is spiraling this country into an extremely dark place. It is unfortunate that the politicians that speak for the masses have speech writers that care only about keeping their jobs. It is no longer about the truth, true health of the nation or grounded community concerns. It is all about maintaining that which is theirs. Each and every individual focused and concerned solely on themselves. Maybe if we are lucky they care about their children’s futures.

If this last sentence centered around the future, holds any validity you would think that voices would be crying out much louder then they are. March On Wall Street would be about marching on our individual local town halls. The government which we have elected starts at home. We support them and fund them all the way up the ladder and their voice, our voice seems to always get lost. The message of the people has become muted and distorted, leaving the foundation it was created from and floating into thin air. Disappearing forever.

A glimpse into the gardeners mind, up close and off into the distance.
A glimpse into the gardeners mind, up close and off into the distance.
Acer Griceum, Paper Bark Maple. Looking for light through the trees
Acer Griceum, Paper Bark Maple. Looking for light through the trees

Soon the minority voices elected to speak for the people will be drowned out by the masses who will be saying enough is enough. Unfortunately it will be to late. To many voices, no clear message, too many egos and too much fear. Someone needs to be brave enough to lead. Barak Obama never demonstrated his ability and now continues to disappoint. If anyones out there, tell our President it’s time to lead. GOOD LUCK and G-D BLESS

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