Plant With Me’s First Gardening Article Being Published in Entertainment This Week on Long Island in New York

The following has been edited to fit into my exact language for this website. The publication took some liberties which I was aware of.

Landscapes Gone Wild: My, What Big Plants You Have!

Most people who have owned a home on Long Island for five years, ten years, or like myself fourteen plus years, are amazed at how much their properties have flourished over the course of time. There is a lot involved when it comes to keeping our properties looking beautiful. Unfortunately, we are all on hectic schedules and we all seem to get caught up in our daily lives. In the long run, ignoring or neglecting your property will end up costing you more then routinely keeping on top of your property’s maintenance.

A good example of this occurred not too long ago on my property. It had been quite a while since I had done a thorough ornamental pruning, and as I pulled into my driveway all I focused on was an obscured view of my gardens! I had witnessed one of my ornamental trees (Royal Star Magnolia) growing without care. At that very instant I took action. I got out of my truck and with my Felco #2 hand pruner I ornamentally tamed the nine-foot giant. The resulting prune restored my tree to a more fitting 5 1/2 feet, and sure enough in balance with the rest of my properties gardens. Too often homeowners don’t know where to begin tackling  landscaping issues, and truly don’t have a clue where to turn or who to trust for advice. Unfortunately this leads to nothing getting accomplished and as a result compromising a property’s value.

If you are unsure as where to begin, please call someone who has the experience to offer you some sound advice. Gardeners, designers, landscapers, irrigation specialists, masons, lighting companies and carpenters all have the ability to provide their personal knowledge as well as add a fresh perspective. Many companies will not only consult with you but they may even further accommodate you by demonstrating their ability (providing it is not too time and labor intensive–no cost to you). Right now I don’t want anyone to think they can’t do it themselves but if you prefer to go the route of hiring a professional company, it is important to be armed and ready with questions for them. A question can be as simple as “Have you worked for anyone in my neighborhood?” This can say a lot about a company’s reputation and experience. It is also important to address how they will clean up during and after a job, how long their job will take or how many different people will be on your property. Prequalifying a company is critical. Also keep in mind, if a landscaper knows their business, it will be obvious.

Each individual homeowner should do their research to find a trustworthy company that meets their specific needs. Remember, you don’t have to settle for what nature awards you. Especially in a man made environment. YOU need to take command over your trees and gardens before your overall landscape value is lost. Don’t forget, the value of any service is determined by how much you value your needs!

Just wanted to add a photo demonstrating art in nature.

Art in Nature
Art in Nature

Michael Rosenberg, a NYS Certified Arborist, is the Owner of Plant With Me, Inc., a 10 year old landscape restoration and design company located in Huntington, NY. Michael is the publisher of, a gardening resource for homeowners and gardeners. For more information about Plant With Me, please call 516-860-5131, email I also encourage you to continue your journey through this gardeners mind @

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