Planting Hope For The Future

Fall bulbs, corns, tubers and deciduous trees are all plantings that demonstrate hope for the future. Why else would we spend the money and take the time to dig all those holes, place individual plants into the ground and consider how they are going to look, if not for hope.

So many people around the planet believe in some type of higher power. This belief in the unknown demonstrates our built in capacity for hope. Planting anything into the ground before the winter demonstrates this same belief. It is this great ability to look forward that has helped us to survive. Now everyone needs to start building their own DEMONSTRATIONS OF HOPE. I would appreciate it if it took the form of some type of living, rooting plant. Nothing big or dramatic. Just one small 12″x12″ spot near the front or back door that can remind you throughout the winter that change is coming. CHANGE IS A GIVEN, an inevitable future, which is demonstrated by our existence. Too much to think about? You want a lighter more enjoyable discussion. SORRY, NOT ME, NOT TONIGHT, YOU ALL DESERVE MORE.

As I meet new people, new possible clients I wonder what expectations they have grown into. What do people expect when you demonstrate your knowledge, your expertise. Miracles are the result of hard work and diligence. These miracles are continually earned. Plants, gardens, trees and lawns, in a man made environment, are the result of a thought out plan which includes realistic expectations of what will develop out of that plan. I have brought up this idea of expectations because you can put a dozen bulbs into the ground without worrying about how it will fit into a plan. If you are concerned with digging into the ground, purchase  large pot or urn and fill it with soil and bulbs that will emerge in the springtime. After they are done flowering in the spring recycle them into one of your gardens and watch one or two of the bulbs develop for the future (they may just die and recycle into the soil but you never know).

So here I am writing about planting today for something that will take at least four months to give the planter or owner of the property planted some demonstrations connected to the effort. Money spent, effort expended and now waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. What to do while you wait for satisfaction. Is there a guarantee that we will be satisfied by the planted effort? The answer is no. No guarantees should ever be given. Realistic expectations yes, but guarantees are difficult. Now you need to ask the most important question. What if after all the effort and money I am not satisfied. This is where we recognize the extent of our effort and what has been learned. Plants planted and demonstrated results that either satisfy or disappoint. Soils have been improved and our understanding expanded. This needs to be the satisfaction. Disappointment has to be released into the prevailing winds. Moving forward is everything in garden design and development.

I must stop here. The message is out there. The experience is waiting to made. Planting and hopping for the future can go hand in hand with praying. We can plan and plan and prepare everything perfectly and still nature and the world can get in the way. Enjoy the journey and share the experience with someone who needs to reconnect.


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