Master Pruners Know How Plants Will Respond With Each Cut

Landscapes and gardens overgrown, are neglected and get out of control. There are only a few reasons these things happen.

I am not only the owner of Plant With Me, I am a client. Arborist, master gardener, master pruner, designer, soil and garden Life Coaching therapist, educator, landscape restoration specialist..

The first reason gardens overgrow is over-planting. Landscape designers, landscapers and homeowners putting more plants into a landscape then environmentally appropriate. The first creative thoughts, before design and installation, should be centered around how and who will be managing and maintaining the money invested in and around your property.

The second reason landscapes are neglected is on the shoulders of homeowners and landscapers. Homeowners have limited experience with design and plant material. Landscapers have no excuse for their failure. Too much time managing lawns and not enough time staffing and training people in PLANT CARE. Most gardens in the northeastern part of the United States warrant a minimum 3 pruning cycles a year. If your lucky someone will be on your property twice a year to prune. If you have that luck your landscape will overgrow in only 10 years instead of 7 years (most landscapes are pruned once a year).

There are many variables associated with neglected, overgrown and out of control landscapes. What I have learned over the years, most importantly, is knowledge, experience, patience from professionals and high levels of customer care.

I will conclude by writing about my favorite personal quote in business, “I am not afraid of spending your money (dramatic pause) but I am afraid of wasting it.” This quote, which I came up with years ago, is the cornerstone of my beliefs, building relationships with people is what brings long term success. The surprise that follows is a happier honest life. The power behind the quote is that it is my truth. I live and breath not wasting my familie’s, friend’s and client’s money. Most people at some point need to trust someone. My hope is that new people give me the opportunity and time to demonstrate my knowledge, patience, sensitivity to personal needs/wants and commitment to the process. How do I bring it all to a close and help you make a good decision for your property, your gardens and landscape?

How do I stress the importance of understanding your responsibility to your money and the land you are steward to? I end with…

If we are to live on this planet, helping future generations respect the world around them, my job is to educate and help people make the best possible long term choices for themselves and their gardens. The more time people spend with me the more I learn how to meet their landscape needs and they begin to understand my commitment.

Wisteria left naturally to take over the limited space in a smaller property
Wisteria left naturally to take over the limited space in a smaller property. A demonstration of neglect via ignorance (lack of courage in the landscape).

Thank you for being with me today and joining me in my thoughts. My continued hope is for everyone to Find that which they need, Cherish it with all their heart and Share it with others.

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