Pruning and Planting Through Winter – Part I (constant motion)

The leaves have fallen and soon the Winter will be upon us. The time to plan has begun as winter pruning is quickly approaching.

Ginko Biloba
Quanzan Cherry Tree

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and I am hopeful that everyone will have a healthy and safe holiday. Through the years, watching time pass, celebrating seasons, holidays, birthdays, weddings and births I have always considered the process. Transitions from one part of life to the next and how as people we develop and cope with all the changes. Some changes are expected while others are shocking surprises. The one constant and natural occurrence they all share is the inevitable coming of change. A demonstration of motion.

Trees are engulfed by this experience every moment of their existence and unfortunately for most people, they are missing out on this part of life. The average individual sees the most obvious demonstrations of change. The formation of new leaves, the development of flowers, seed pods in maturity (falling and creating a mess), leaves changing colors and finally the ultimate release when many trees shed their leaves. I find it sad that these milestones are the only moments throughout our trees’ lives ¬†we demonstrate an appreciation for. The subtleties taking place all the time, through my minds eye, has helped me to better understand myself and the world around me. Just as trees are constantly demonstrating change, so do the people in our lives. Please take the time to consider both and how to help them develop.

3 evergreens down a walkway #1
3 evergreens down pathway #2

The pictures that I have chosen to include in this article demonstrate beauty, growth and the development of a long term plan. Very few things were done by accident and most actions had a purpose that looked very far forward. It is important to revisit the idea that each piece placed in your gardens or landscape will not stand alone. The example can be as obvious as a hedge running along the perimeter of your property or a perennial border leading to an entrance-way. There is also the not so obvious, as the tree that stands alone in a field. Even though not seemingly connected it is displayed with other elements that astound us. The sky, a mountain, lake, distant forrest, a structure of some kind and or the simplicity of whatever covers the ground.


Tulip Poplar Center Stage

This article is designed to make you see perspective, something I have worked very hard to develop. Once you have begun to look beyond what you have practiced in the past you can begin to plan for the future. Developing with change is not always easy but a necessary part of the process.


King Crimson Norway Maple
King Crimson Maple (perspective)

If you are able to take pictures of your trees and plants (landscapes and gardens), you will be able to learn more about all their subtle changes. One of those not so obvious changes from day to day, week to week and month to month. When it comes to plants and trees, size does matter. In a man/women made environment where there are buildings to consider, how large our gardens and landscapes will get is extremely important. Many people inherit their landscape and then have to plan based on choices someone else made. Sometimes people have an opportunity to work with a blank canvas. This blank canvas, as clean and neat as it may seem will take much time, money and labor to develop into that which makes you proud (eventually there is a moment when you look at what has grown and developed, breathe a sign of relief, and this is the moment all your effort have been building towards).

Thank you for reading through the first part of my journey. I hope it helps you find your own way as you develop your own personal sanctuary.

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