Restore Your Gardens Restore Your Life (“Life In Mind”)

Restoring our gardens for me, easily relates to restoring our lives. The question remains, how do I translate things into words so a large majority of people will understand what I see. I know it’s been a while since I have written. Thank you for your patience, I’ve been busy.


I will begin with a simple question and then will deconstruct that question. I feel with this approach individual readers will have the ability to apply the deconstructed question to their own lives and begin the process of restoring what they have neglected (gardens, physical health, mental health, work and relationships). Through my own personal experiences I have learned how everything that occurs in and around my gardens parallels the events of our daily lives. The movie Being There (1979) with Peter Sellers as Chance (‘Chauncey Gardiner) defined the simplicity and natural tendencies of life with all it’s facets in one clear message, “Dig It”. The work has to be done to gain the rewards of life.

The first question with deconstruction will act as a template for how all inquiries will be broken down and answered. You will find many similarities between my approach and how the jewish Talmud banters with questions and ideas. My goal is to open everyones mind getting them to question my approach. We have a world of information blocking, clouding, interrupting our ability to help ourselves and I want to clear the way. It all begins and ends with how we think and then how we feel (thoughts getting in the way of happiness). Clear the way so our emotions are prepared for the truth (each of us having a different interpretation of that truth) giving our minds a greater ability to interpret those feelings.

Question:       When looking out into my neglected garden/life, where do I begin?

NOTE: Before reading further, know that I am laying out a map or guide that will help you manage every aspect of your life. My specialty is spacial relationships in gardens and landscapes so I will constantly be referring to and demonstrating how to fix and renew gardens, trees and plants (from soil to sky). I will simplify ideas through cleaner language as I read and reread the steps I put forth to you all.

#1    Define what it is you see with a question (What do I see?). Keep things as simple as possible.

This is not for you to analyse. This is clearly you being an observer of your own life and describing what it is yo see.

#2   There are always things that dominate and impact us more then other things (What is it that I see that speaks to me first? OR What impacts you first and for-most?). Everyone has a sensitivity to something. What is it that constantly bothers you yet your continually procrastinating to address it. This is ground zero.

#3   Try separating/isolating that which you have identified as an initial priority (What is this stand out and why does it impact me so?). Don’t analyze at this point just try and accept what it is your identifying. Don’t hold back here. Descriptions of everything that give this priority such power over all the rest is critical.

#4   Review what you have identified as an important starting point and create a history of events that created it’s existence. (Where did you [you referring to – garden element, plant, flower, tree, stone, artwork], come from and how have you continued to develop?). Taking responsibility becomes important here,  since it has been your neglect that has perpetuated it’s development.

#5   This is just a first step that will make other events easier. Not easy but easier, to approach the priority identified. (What do I want you to look like as it refers to the surrounding material in your landscape/life?). I need everyone not to be overwhelmed with this question. Keep things simple and try not to rush the process. It took time for your landscapes, gardens, and your life, to overgrow due to neglect, and it will take that much time and possibly longer to restore it to a manageable healthy state.

I will return and talk about the book I will be writing, all having to do with the topic of Restoring Your Gardens, Restoring Your Life. Until then consider what I have written and how it may apply to the way you live. Be aware of how you impact the world around you and let the seasons change, with you as an active participant throughout the process.

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