Review: Garden & Landscape Evolution And How My Mind Views Future Success

Landscapes and Gardens composting your money instead of growing value for your home.

Gardens grow and without any help from people they would naturally take back the planet. So the question reveals itself. What purpose do we have as master gardeners, horticulturists, environmentalists, arborists, nature guides, seekers of natural truths, students of nature and as artists? This question has an answer very unique to each plant lover with one common thread. We all live with the inquiry, how are the actions of today impacting the gardens of tomorrow?sunset-hoyt-lake-032309-lg

Investment advisors are paid to evaluate your financial situation and then determine how to proceed to meet longterm goals. This is what people with investments in their landscape need to practice using experienced tree men, landscape designers, garden designers or garden care specialist. The trick is not reading about something and then following the directions. Money can easily be wasted this way. The magic occurs when finding someone highly recommended who has acquired the knowledge and practical experience to utilize your money to manage your landscapes portfolio. So many people consider it a smart long term investment when having a financial advisor care for their finances, preparing for the future. This same idea needs to be engaged for those who have landscapes and gardens that are meant to enrich their surroundings along with the value of the property. I hope you are all hearing my voice.IMG_0687


I just heard on the news that the average family throws away 1500 dollars worth of food every year. This does not include the amount of money wasted on the overindulgence of foods and drinks. I believe, too often, homeowners do the same thing on their properties through their lawns and gardens. What seems to have contributed even more to the wastes are the landscaping companies. The practice of cleaning up properties in the fall to put new mulch (organic mater) down in the spring every year does not benefit the environment and costs homeowners millions of dollars every years. Just to make sure everyone understand, most landscapers also know as mow and blow companies are not the professionals needed to manage and maintain the value of your fine gardens and valuable trees.

The purpose of writing this article is simple from my viewpoint. It is not about how much money is being spent it is about how much money is being wasted at the expense of our environment and bank accounts. Most everyone loves trees, plants and flowers budgeting to develop and manage their own personal paradise. If all of this is fact than the goal needs to be about understanding the process and the value of working it at the highest level. It is easy to dismiss caring for your large trees until they fall on you, your children, your cars or your house. Once the damage is done there is no going backwards. What is the value of preventative care? I would say there is no greater consideration then the value of life. This concludes my insights and hope you see beyond the language to what is valued most.

Springtime has arrived and I hope the work I will be doing this year demonstrates results for a lifetime. This wish is not omjr-from-pwmnly for me but everyone who puts forth their efforts to improve the world. Peace till we reach one another again.

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