Sacrifice: When Did We Last Pay For our Freedoms & Protections?

People of the United States of America,

DO I STAND ALONE IN MY THINKING? When did we last sacrifice as individuals, as a nation, to earn the rights and privileges, the freedoms and protections we all take for granted? We are about to embark on a pivotal moment in our history. How will we measure up to the many generations before who have sacrificed. I say we have fallen short of the promise to safeguard and honor those who have come before us. Our presidential candidates and our lack of sacrifice has led us to this moment, this precipice. Our lazy, entitled, nation, lacking humility has laid us bare and exposed us to the power hungry animals (politicians) of the United States of America. Buyer beware.

When we go to the polls tomorrow who is the judge and jury? We the people seems not to exist anymore. It is all about I, me and what have you done for us lately. We obviously haven’t put the work in for this country and the smell of rotting, burnt flesh is beginning to fill the air. Who will stand up and make the difference. Who is willing to sacrifice so we have the choices and opportunity this country was originally designed for? Will I have to stand up and if so will I be all alone? Will that be my sacrifice?

I wish I had an answer. I can say we need to take a step back and begin honoring thy mother, father, sister, brother, neighbor and all who have led us here. The sacrifice must include us all equally. For there to be just cause we all need to have something at risk and if you have not noticed, our freedoms are disintegrating under our feet. There is a way to pull ourselves out but it requires SACRIFICE. Tell me you see it and I will stop. Help me to help you. Hand in hand we have the ability to overcome any and all barriers. How close to the edge must we stand before we loose our footing altogether, slipping into the abyss with no safety net to save us? Please tell me you believe the government has failed and you can’t support it anymore.

I am not willing to risk enslaving us all via my inaction. This is my first true cry for help. Who is listening? Who sees what I see and has a great need to take action? The time has come. One voice for rebuilding a new free nation. DO I STAND ALONE?

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