Annual Landscape Pruning (3rd Week in August). Time To Prune Again

Hi y’all. If you haven’t been paying attention your plants have been getting much larger. Some trees and plants, here in New York, have already been pruned while others have been neglected. If you have been following me and my journey, pruning and fertilizing as I do, you should be OK. The only thing I haven’t pruned hard this year has been the Wisteria. Don’t misunderstand me, I have pruned the Wisteria, just not as hard as I should. Time to get down to business.

Hinoki Cypress-Crippsi(Variegated evergreen)

It is the 21st of August and there are things that need pruning again, and this time mostly for ornamental presentation. Earlier in the season some of these plants were hard pruned (reduced to grow to my desired size for the gardens, ie. Hinoki Cypress – Fernspray. Well now is the time of year it has demonstrated new growth. With this new growth spurt comes pruning. The goal of this type of prune is to maintain and increase the plants value. Some of the plants pruned this time of year are pruned to maintain size while others are pruned for winter aesthetics (ornamental evergreens). The following list of plants are pruned right now and the plants with bullets after them are being pruned for the second time (at least the second time).

Summer flowering woody ornamentals and some evergreens are pruned now. I will be pruning Hypernicum (St. John’s Wort), Spirea*, Japanese Maples (this time of year I do hard prune restorations on the Weeping Japanese Maples), Hinoki Cypress – Crippsii* and Fernspray*, Magnolias* (especially Royal Star), Carpinus Betulus Pendula (Weeping European Hornbeam)*, Morus Alba Pendula (Weeping Mulberry)*, Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and Upright Blue Atlas Cedar and Barberry*.

I will take before and after pictures of the many plants I will be pruning in the next week, a habit I have been trying to get into more and more. I will also be taking my first demonstration video and inserting it into my blogs, so get ready for some action. I will do my best to narrate with joke and song so as not to be to tedious. Now that is enough for tonight. Hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors and enjoying the fresh vegetables and fruits of the summer.

Weeping European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus Pendula)

Live Well.    Live Healthy.     Live Happy .


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