What is a Life Coach? Why Coaching In The Garden?

What is a Life Coach? There are many definitions all similar. My favorite is from WebMD http://www.webmd.com/balance/guide/life-and-wellness-coaches. A partnership is established to realize dreams creating challenges utilizing existing strengths and abilities to make those business or personal dreams realistic and accomplishable.

Life Coaching grows client possibilities: Success generated by enthusiasm. I love these two ideas. Client possibilities are always present so what is missing that they are not cultivated and come to life? There are so many things we all carry that get in our way. Coaching is the opportunity to recognize that here and now each individual has the choice to leave everything outside of the coaching moment. With the weights removed, with the clutter blown away, with all that is outside of you compartmentalized, what remains? It is in this mindset that space is created to begin seeing the dream and the clarity of possibilities.

Enthusiasm. Just consider the word and then imagine the many times you where enthusiastic about something. Tell me about the energy that went into those moments? How did you feel about what you where doing and how quickly did learning and success occur? Choosing to engage a Life Coach means you understand the importance of self care and self accomplishment. Coaches work with people who are in transition. Careers, relationships, an individual meeting or a grand presentation, these are the places where we live and breath and these are where we need satisfaction. Through coaching the enthusiasm comes to life.

This next link will give you more perspective on what has been thought about Life Coaching and what the reality is. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/top-10-professional-life-coaching-myths/

Final idea: Why coaching in the garden? The space in a garden is clean and clear giving the individual the opportunity to connect the dots in a sacred space void of excessive distractions. I have reached out to you, now it is your turn to be curious. It costs nothing to make a relationship. Well, it does take some time but based on my experience it is well worth it. Live true to your purpose. Speak soon.

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