Winter Gardening Checklist For New York And The Surrounding Area

Gardening on Christmas Eve in New York and the surrounding area might be low on many peoples priority list but there is so much to be done and most of you don’t even know it.

Here on Long Island, the south eastern part of New York, the temperature outside is 34 degrees and winter seems like it if finally here. Now the fun begins and if you haven’t done the final fertilization on your lawn or deadheaded all your Hydrangeas, cleaned out the deadwood in your roses and Wisteria or cultivated the last leaves around your property for ground-cover spread amongst your gardens to protect the soil through the violent winter months heaving of the earth, you have work to do. Ok I’m a little dramatic, but wouldn’t you be if you knew the science and nature that occurs and is damaged by the neglect of doing nothing. I know and it makes me crazy that others don’t know. If more people understood the consequences of their ignorance they make take action and begin caring about the long term benefits of protecting their small part of the planet.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I care about my clients and the properties they trust me to manage. What goes on in plain site is all my clients care about. They pay me to care about everything else. The things going on that have the greatest effects on the long term health and management of the gardens, trees and landscapes. I know everyone can’t afford to have a caretaker that loves what they own and what they have invested in but there are ways in which you can manage your own without overwhelming yourself. Winter is here and you can begin creating an inventory of the plants you have around your property. Each plant has specific needs and you can start learning about those needs. One plant at a time and before the end of the winter you will have the foundation to begin doing the work slowly yourself or the knowledge to tell others what would benefit your landscape investment.

I have so much to say and write on this idea my head is spinning, but I can’t right now. My wife is screaming for me to help her before our guests arrive in 60 seconds. I don’t always choose when the ideas and the clarity come to me it just happens, so Whoever out there celebrates Christmas, I send my best wishes for a healthy and happy event. For all those who celebrate other holidays, may you be safe, happy, healthy and hopeful for all those that you care for in your lives. Ok I am going. Peace to all and to all, please love each moment of every day until you can’t love any longer.

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