Winter Pruning: Garden Management Before Winters End: Restoring Value Via Crown Pruning


Winter Pruning: Garden Management Before Winters End: Restoring Value Via Crown Reduction.

Winter in New York Keeping the trees from overgrowing.

If you’re thinking ‘My trees and garden can wait for Springtime’ I need you to change your perspective. Have I gotten your attention? I hope so because the longterm health of your surrounding world is constantly at risk in a man made world.

Your trees and gardens never really fall completely asleep. The gardens do dream of springtime but every moment of their existence they are appreciating the opportunities this life gives them. Our job as caretakers of this planet are to pay attention. The process of being responsible for life outside of our own is so very important. Now my hope is you continue to read and learn what I have found to be most beneficial to your trees and gardens.

February and March here in the Northeastern part of the United States creates opportunity to cut into, reduce, fix and redirect the trees and woody ornamentals that filter the air we breath. Every day the green world is breathing around us it is saving our lives. What are you doing to care for that part of your world? If you haven’t thought of it too deeply this is where I ask you to wake up to your responsibility. Are you now: Motivated? Bored? Disinterested??? Whichever applies to you, reality dictates that, the world will go on just a little bit more at risk if you don’t make a difference.

A tree in a clients back yard that has grown too large for its location on 1/2 acre property.

Where to begin: Begin by calling someone who can come and assess your living air filters, your trees , like Michael Rosenberg @ Plant With Me.

Questions: Have the trees gotten too large for the structures they shade and or border?

Question: If things have grown out of check and seem like they don’t fit (demonstration of value lost) what do I do?

Question: How much will it cost and does all have to be done immediately?

This Deodora Cedar is just becoming too large next to the house and needs to be managed before it grows any larger. The size and architecture of the house dictate with plant selection.

Once the basic questions have been answered don’t worry. You can always move to a high-rise. If this isn’t an option then prioritize the hazards first and then care for the longterm health of the surrounding life step by step. If you are still with me thank you for considering all that helps us live and breath. Till next time, FIND the love and hope, CHERISH it all and SHARE it with others. Peace 

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