You Think It’s Landscape Magic?

I don’t have much time to write this blog so I will do it as clean and neat as possible.

Your property will not help itself.  Within 5 years of pruning your property once or even twice a year, your property will overgrow. You will have to do some hard pruning or even worse dig out, transplant, or cut down things you have paid for and invested time and money to watch develop.

Please let the value of your landscape increase the value of your house by properly caring for it. An old mature specimen increases the appeal of the house as well as the value. Just look at the pictures in this blog and you will see pruning 5 times a year, and this property was installed over 6 years ago!

Good luck with your landscaping adventures. Soon my website will be up and running and I will be offering plants and delivery of plants at wholesale prices.

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