Landscape Garden & Restoration

Restoration in the garden is making what is neglected and overgrown, fresh and new again. In the garden and for the trees you would think this is simply but unfortunately it is not. Through a comprehensive assessment process, homeowner interview and property review, recommendations are made to help homeowners make choices. Neglect takes shape when people and or landscapers (mow and blow companies) do too little or nothing at all, over time, as the garden and trees grow and grow. Every tree, evergreen, woody ornamental, ornamental grass, and perennial have a perfect size for your landscape. Most plants that return every year, especially evergreens and trees have a number of growth cycles in one season. Every living plant has its own unique growth rate and based on the amount of light a plant receives determines exactly how much and when that plant will grow. Here @ Plant With Me we have learned through study, time and experience how most plant in the New York tri-state area grown. With this expertise Michael and his team know how to manage the diversity in every landscape to keep their size and value, meeting the homeowners expectations and properties needs.