Restoration Pruning / Landscape Restoration (Who do I hire?)

Islands creating a long view.

So it has been over a month now that I have been putting my mind to work here on these pages. Trying to figure out what everyone needs to understand to improve their gardens and landscapes. Each and every day my mind spins with the ideas that will benefit all who care about the gardens that surround them, and the properties that they have invested in. I have come up with one main theme. If you don’t have the patience to manage your investment, create a budget and have someone manage it for you. There is no excuse for letting your properties first impression disappoint.

Welcoming your guests to enter our home (Degroot Arborvitaes, Hydrangea Blushing Bride, solid Cast Iron Urns

What you don’t understand… Well, understand this. I am out every morning in my garden before the children and wife wake up. I am doing a quick weeding, an assessment of what need to be pruned, fertilized, transplanted and or removed. I come home everyday feeling proud of what I am driving into. After planting, restoring and managing other peoples gardens I come home and am not left wanting. ARE YOU LEFT WANTING? If so, do something about it today.

Petunia growing in a bed of Creeping Jenny
Clematis growing through Pee Gee Hydrangea (7 feet high)

Speak to friends and family that may have a nice landscape. Ask them who they use and what it costs. Determine what level of care you want and what you would be happy with. This is the beginning of happiness. Knowing what you need and want, for peace of mind, is the answer.Don’t forget, getting to the finish line takes work.

A symphony of forms. Wind sculpture under trained Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

The number of resources out there are overwhelming. What is not out there are the large number of qualified professionals that know how to manage your concerns. I am very specific about this point. “Companies and individuals who will be able to manage your concerns are few and far between.” Knowing who to trust will be the most arduous task undertaken in the, “who do I call”, property maintenance battle. In the end, even if you find the right guy or girl, what is the value (how much should it cost) of knowing, “this is the one who will make my dreams come true.”

Married to a tree. Redwood bench suspended from Silver Maple

Well, the truth is there is a value. If an individual demonstrates his or her ability, then you have to approach it like you would approach a night out on the town.

Hello Nature. bird bath under Weeping European Hornbeam with Cransbill as the groundcover.

You go to a restaurant, order some drinks and a fine meal. How quickly did the waiter come to your table? How fast was the water and the bread brought to your table? Did the waiter ask about your timing (movie or a show that you are going to after dinner)? How quickly did your food come? How was the supporting staff when you needed an extra napkin (was there anybody around)? Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned anything about the food. The food is important but have you ever eaten great food while you were upset over the service. IT’S DISAPPOINTING.

Sweet Lilly.

So here is my point. Great communication, timing and then competence in performing (good food), need to be the order of doing business. If you have the best in the business and they aren’t available for 2 months, what is the value of waiting. You can’t wait when it has to do with managing nature. Best management dictates that there is a perfect time to do everything. You can manage things at any time but the perfect opportunity to prune something in nature has narrow windows. So how much should it cost to prune, plant and or restore your prized landscape. Only you know what you are willing to spend, but here is my guide to best management practices for landscape management.

Peek a Boo. Sculpture protected by ferns

From Caretaker to Homeowner

A guide to the value of custom garden maintenance.

An individual with a pair of hand pruners, hand saw, pole saw, pruning sheers, hedge trimmers, chain saw and his hands, a MASTER Pruner should be valued between $90 and $150 per hour (depending on the job description and his experience). A high quality Master pruner should always have at least one pruning ground-man with him. The cost for the additional pruner should be between $65 and $85 per hour. If the job involves larger specimens with cleaning and removing all the debris then an additional groundsman is needed and in New York a competent groundsman costs $45.00 per hour. $255.00 per hour for a 3 man crew with debris removed and recycled off the property is realistic.

What is around the bend? Curves bring mystery to the gardens.

These numbers represent the highest quality individuals and companies in the business. There aren’t many and you are the only one who knows if they are what you need. Don’t be fooled by great salesmen or companies that charge a lot of money. They are like this because they are compensating for all the mistakes they make, the costs of material and time they will have to spend returning to your property to fix or replace what they didn’t manage correctly the first time.

An outside living room. Can you see it?
Walk on in. Sit down, put your feet up, your home.
Inside the outdoor living room. A view from within.

Good Luck. If you need me my info it is embedded in the WEBSITE (about me).

This is how to end. Sight and smell with Climbing Hydrangea Schizophragma

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