Dreaming The Garden Is The Beginning Of Having The Garden. Dig Deep

Dreaming the garden is the beginning of having the garden. Dig deep into that which you want and know that the possibility of that want has a reality somewhere. The challenges within the illusion, that not many choose to face, are the sacrifices that must be made to bring the fantasy, the dream from the foreground to the head of the stage. The next passage demonstrates how most people live their lives and I am no exception.

There was a dream. A beautiful dream. Where all that was known was unknown and all that could be imagined had a place to live. The funny thing about dreams is you always awaken to find they where simply that, dreams.

It has been a while since I sent my internal voice out into the world. You could say I was feeding on life and am now in the process of digesting that which I have taken in. Family, friends, hope, compassion, love, wanting and passion. All these things fill us up as if we feed on them constantly. I realize now, for myself, that I may have been feeding too long and need to give back to all those who have allowed me to partake of what they have. To those who know me and my grand illusion, that which I display to the world, is “whatever I have ┬áis yours.” I play the role of the hero well but it isn’t MY truth. I dream the dream and am so afraid of putting the work in that my dream remains buried by my fear. Fear of success, failure or simply the fear of the unknown. I always prided myself on demonstrating I wasn’t afraid as an example to my children only to learn acceptance and acknowledgment turn us towards living the true life. Fulfilling our destiny. I wish to tell you I have answers but my journey has so much further to go and even then I can’t promise I will have anything that would be translatable and of value to others.

I believe through hard work and commitment we can accomplish anything. I also know, deep in my soul, that people have a much greater ability to love and care for one another then hate. With this thought I will turn back to the dream. The HOPE, the great possibilities, of what can be created what can be discovered what must be learned. Dreaming the ________ is the beginning of having the ________. You fill in the blanks for yourself and begin living out your own life with the simplest of goals in mind. The act of moving forward with a strong memory of the past. For what we have experienced in life acts as the platform, the foundation, the springboard for what we are to achieve next. Gardens are my vehicle for advancement and expression. Determine what your conduit is and that is your starting point.

My starting point has changed a number of times. I had music, teaching and now landscapes and gardens. Don’t get stuck thinking that where you have previously started needs to be be your starting point again. It can be and then again it doesn’t have to be. I will always have music and teaching and now gardening. Nothing can ever take those things away till my mind ceases to think. This thought is just about exhausted as my mind and heart fill with other priorities. I ask that you consider the dream as a plausible reality and then determine the sacrifices that would have to be made to begin that journey. The sacrifices are not unique to you. Every choice we make effects a plethera of individuals in and around our lives. For perspective put yourself in a bubble on a piece of paper and then draw outward lines of all those family, friend and work relationships you have. These lines represent the bands of commitments you have made up to this point in your life. Dreams very often stretch those bands at times to the point of breaking.

What sacrifices would you have to make to build upon your NEW starting point, your dream, to make it come true? How important? Is it worth it? What would you be giving up to let the dream fade? What would you be giving up to fight for the dream? Now that is a life worth living. A life that constantly challenges and stretches the great possibilities of our single existance. Living the dream doesn’t have to be loud it just has to be shared for life to have meaning.

Peace for now and always as the dreamers begin to wake from their long slumbers.

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