Gardening Questions? Ask The Expert Is Coming To Plant With Me This Fall

Gardening Questions? Ask The Expert Is Coming To Plant With Me This Fall along with a comprehensive garden management program for 2014. OMG did this post have to begin this way? Unfortunately the answer is yes followed by an exclamation point!

Ornamental pruning of special trees
Before the ornamental prune on a Weeping Mulberry


Weeping Mulberry after the ornamental prune
Demonstrating the ornamental pruning of a Weeping Mulberry, Morus Alba Pendula

Here on Long Island, located east of New York City, homeowners the past 23 years (since the early 90’s) have planted and planted then cut down and ripped out so much money around their property that the waste and decadence has me truly disappointed. I understand without the individual’s need for immediate gratification supported by general landscape companies lack of knowledgable and sensitivity I wouldn’t have the opportunity to help so many. My dilemma remains. How do I translate what I know and how I know it to those who really want my help.

Well here it is. Plant With Me, Inc. now has a program that offers individual homeowners the opportunity to have me for the entire growing season at a general flat rate fee based on the size and diversity of each landscape and their gardens. At this point I need to put things into perspective for all those who cross my gardening pass. I’m serious, intense, passionate and expensive. How expensive you may ask. Let me demonstrate with simple numbers.

Restoration and Ornamental Pruning costs:
Michael Rosenberg (me) just to consult and work on a property by himself will basically cost someone $175 per hour (within a 20 mile radius of Plant With Me’s Nursery and Testing Garden in East Northport, NY).

Michael + 1 man (Michael trained ornamental pruner/ground man) @ $215.00 per hour
Michael + 2 men (Trained ornamental pruner + ground man) @ $250.00 per hour

Removing and recycling of all debris off the property is an additional cost based on amount of debris and time to dump.

If I haven’t scared you away it’s important to know I redesign, I plant, I lay sod, I aerate, I fix soils, and when I have time I climb trees for fun.

If ever your in a serious gardening mood I hope you choose to call me. Peace while your garden’s grow.

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