Life Coaching: Buddha In The Garden with Michael Rosenberg Master Gardener

Life Coach Michael Rosenberg sees magic and transformation occurring in the garden. ‘Sit with me as we create space’, Michael says. This is all about creating opportunity to be in the present void of weight created by anything and everything that happened earlier that day, that week, that month or all those years gone by. Where are you right now and what is it you need to become. You may not realize it but you already know it. I will be your witness, walk with  you as you begin opening doors. Where are you right now and does it resonate that you need more, want to be heard more clearly, need to value yourself with what you know and how you can benefit others with your experience and knowledge?

Who is the Buddha in the garden? I can honestly tell you that Michael is the Buddha in his garden. In your garden YOU are the Buddha. Life coaching is all about sitting in a space that is all about you. When you begin to see the power generated by your knowing and your feeling it is freeing. It is that real and can come alive without warning. Michael says, ‘the challenge is allowing ourselves to let it all in. Your space, your doors and you have all the keys. Are we ready to play with the possibilities? I believes we have all denied ourselves for long enough. You must believe.’

Michael want to be of service to everyone. He understands that there are those that may benefit from what he has learned, lived and understands after 50 years of personal challenges. As a business owner, a special ed. teacher, an arborist, a salesman, a musician and artist, a father, son, brother, husband and friend, he knows he has an intuition that others will benefit from. Michael will be a fully Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) by the end of November 2016. Michael is opening up his calendar to individuals that want and need help through challenging transitions. Families that have children with special needs, women and men in life transitions, families with elder parents, these are Michael’s first priorities. He is open to being there for all those that want more from this life.

Michael is offering himself for those who want to know more about Life Coaching and the possibilities that are created through the Life Coaching experience. Some slots will be given as complimentary introductions while others will sign up for a deeply discounted package rate. There is no cost to all those who are curious. Take the first step for yourself and your life by simply emailing or calling Michael. or 516-860-5131. It’s your life. Is it what you always imagined, what you dreamed? Discover how to look over the edge and reach it all.

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