Compost Brings Wonders

What, What, What. You know it, yet you don’t do it. So just DO IT, DO IT, DO IT.

Come on. I know I should be collecting the plastic and bottles and cans and separating my garbage. Do I do it consistently? NO. Do I know what I am doing? YES. So what is my problem. Not enough concern. It is as simple as that.

Is that loud enough for you. I want so much to have an attitude about this but I will restrain myself. I have flaws and I won’t be perfect. It isn’t in our American nature. Effort and conviction, oh yeah. But long-term follow-through is missing. The idea behind recycling does not have enough short term benefits to most people (especially financial). At least not obvious enough to satisfy our immediate gratification.

Back to composting . Anyone can do it. With a composting barrel or a large portion of the dead space around your property you can do it. You could even sell it if you wanted to market it to the local planting community. You just have to collect things that are earthy, break down and end up looking brown and spongy.

You have heard it before. Leaf clipping, mowed up leaves, chipped up branches, kitchen waste (egg peels, old vegetables, fruits and their remains). It could be the tumbler advertised so well. It could be a corner behind some evergreens. It could be a 10 by 10 area that you just throw everything and then once a year you dig into. Whatever it is, make sure the size of your compost fits the size of your effort and ability to manage.

The wonders are the insects, fungi, animals, and as time demonstrates, financial returns. Less mulch usage, water usage, fertilizer usage, and fewer plants dieing. Oh I forget to mention fewer pesticides sprayed on to the property around your children animals and future. Is that enough? Well if it isn’t enough I invite all of you to a future garden party at my house where all these things are put into practice. Yeah party includes alcohol and food.

I will let you all know when. Get yourself ready for an organically good time.

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