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COOL! This Copper Beach is only 5 feet tall and will never be alowed to get any bigger

What’s up everyone? It has been a little longer than I would have liked since my last shout out about the gardens. I have done so much in the garden in the last 10 days here on Long Island in New York (actually the last few hours). But I will not get distracted away from the mission of this particular info burst. DON’T JUST LET IT GROW, LET IT GROW, LET IT GROW! Be proactive and maintain the value of your landscape and gardens.

WOW! Underbody of Weeping European Hornbean

My neighbor’s son (27 and engaged) said hello to me over the long weekend and in passing commented (unsolicited) on how the front of my house has become a forest. Well, curious to see if that sentiment crossed other people’s minds, I asked a few people. Now you must know that opinions are like… Yeah, you know what I mean. But other perspectives are important when making a complete assessment of your situation. Those who choose to live alone on a mountain are the only ones with an excuse as it applied to not getting input on important decisions.

Hey this is almost summer. What's up? Morus Alba Pendula

As you would guess, the other people I addressed, my wife and an older neighbor, both thought that the landscape had matured and became fuller than the space called for. OK, so what now? Well, since I am a landscape restoration specialist, I would know what to do to remedy the situation. I have included some after pictures and will take some more but I need you to know, restoration pruning is not for the week of heart. A number of very important factors go into taking what is older and “PUFF” it looks like new.

Better Than NEW under Acer Griseum with japanese Anemone and Alium

How far can you prune it back?

What shape would you like it to be?

How will it maintain at that size?

Will it be able to stay in that spot at that size indefinitely?

These are only a few of the pruning questions that have to be addressed by the individual pruning and the owner of the specimen being pruned.

Now don’t be discouraged. You can do it. It may not look very pretty and it may take a few years to grow back, I mean, the way you want it to look, but you CAN do it. If by chance you do not want to do it yourself and you want to guarantee that the end result gets you the greatest value, call someone who lives and breathes pruning specimen plants (there aren”t many of us left).

Just Like New - Boxwoods 6 years after first instalation.

Lots of questions, relationship building and the ability to afford this type of specialty work have to be expected. Trusting someone to touch something you own and have invested in over time is not an easy decision. Just know that it has to be done and with the right language and a demonstration prune, (Definition of a demonstration prune is: You pick a small specimen for that individual to prune quickly and see how they do), the right person can be found.)

Boxwoods infront before prune, boxwoods in back,by house after prune

Ask people you know. Get recommendations. Go and view properties that a pruner manages. Do not rely on one angle when determining who you will be hiring. The best pruning specialist do not give estimates on this type of work. It is an art form and anyone who thinks otherwise should stop reading my blogs now and do something else. I value the experience, knowledge and quality of work that comes from someone who knows their business and doesn’t compromise. There is a value to each and every service that is performed. This service is not negotiated.

A Wall Of Green consisten of Taxus densiformus, Arborvitae Emerald Green, Winged Euonomous

When negotiations begin for this type of work, quality of work is compromised. The question now becomes what is the value of your landscape long-term? If you have to think about this then you are the 75% of the people out there that recycles their landscape and doesn’t invest in the future value of the trees and plants around their properties.

Burning Bush on left and Copper Beach (dwarfed) on right

I am hard core and I do not play games. I know my business and the reason I charge by the hour is how fast I work and how much I can get done. I do not have time to eat. I do not have time to go to the bathroom (even though when you have to go, you have to go) and I have other plants and properties I have to get to. What this means is I am as efficient as they get. I have one major philosophy when it comes to my clients money.

Carpinus Betulus Pendula, Weeping European Hornbeam

I am definitely not afraid of spending their money, I just don’t want to waste their money. If this doesn’t tell you something about who I am I don’t know what else to say except, check out the pictures in this blog and see how my property is today after I performed the restoration prune.

Who would want to leave?

Live Long And Prosper

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