Tree Sculpting

Tree sculpting is the art of pruning to enhance a trees architectural interest in the landscape. The ultimate goal would be to have trees, evergreens, woody ornamentals and grasses that demonstrate interest through all four seasons. Sculpting you’re trees to develop them into pieces of art work takes both the tree sculptor and the owner of that plant material. You may ask what is a tree sculptor? A tree sculptor must understand the growing habits of a tree, a trees response to pruning and how a particular piece of plant will grow based on the amount of light available to that specimen. Timing is important for tree sculptors because of how a tree will compartmentalize (heal) based on when and how it is being cut into. Some people call this practice directional pruning but there are so many more things involved than just cutting and knowing which direction it will grown in response. Japanese Maples, Crepe Myrtle trees, Weeping Cherry trees, Weeping Redbud trees, Regular Redbud trees, Weeping European hornbeam, Weeping Mulberry trees, Deodora Cedar trees, Pine trees and Weeping Beech trees are only a few of the specimens that are pruned for four seasons of interest. Invite Michael from Plant With Me to your home to determine if you have something creative to work with