Grass is Growing Fertilize Your Evergreens


I must begin with a definition of my humility. My brother (on my wife’s side of the family) has been improving his property, with my help, for a few years. He is kind and generous and does his best to make a strong effort in our family relationship. I was trying to assist him in a new project  as I have been rebuilding part of my professional career. He called, I didn’t call back, and of course insulted him in the process.

I have had my share of  missteps and I am usually quick to recognise and step up. I apologize and need for him to acknowledge that you can’t go back, forward is the only option. I can’t live any one else’s life, or make decisions for others. All I can do is my best to communicate (which I didn’t do in this case) and move forward not making any excuses. OK, over and done, lets move on and enjoy the springtime!

SO THE GRASS IS GROWING AND the trees are unfolding layers of foliage. Let it all go and manage what needs care the most, your evergreens. They should be flowering and even though they are exhausted from the long never-ending winter they are displaying beautiful arrangements of  flowers for us all. Acid loving plants need fertilizer now (Hollytone is the most common named fertilizer). Our Camellias, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Hollies, Ilex and other beauties need our attention. Just a moment of thought and care and then let them be for a few months (maybe with a little clip here and there).

While we are talking about fertilizers, please don’t neglect your Roses, Camellias and other ornamental vines , except the Wisterias, which other than pruning do not need to be supplemented.

For all those people that need specifics, all you need to do is shoot me a question and I will do my best to give you an easy answer (which is always possible). Let the games begin, the flowers bloom and the garden parties erupt with wine, cheese and good music.

If you haven’t noticed, I have added some night time pictures for your enjoyment (taken this evening). If you have never taken night-time pictures you should begin. At night like the vampires, darkness brings out tremendous life (you just need to be looking for it).

Bon appetit.

Michael Rosenberg, a NYS Certified Arborist, is the Owner of Plant With Me, Inc., a 10 year old landscape restoration and design company located in Huntington, NY. Michael is the publisher, a gardening resource for homeowners and gardeners. For more information about Plant With Me, please call 516-860-5131, email I also encourage you to continue your journey through this gardeners mind @

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