Letting Your Long Island, NY Garden Grow Can Cost You

Letting your Long Island, New York garden grow can cost you a lot of money if you don’t consider how to properly manage the number of plants, type of plants and where you are planting.

If you believe you have accomplished the first management task with good choices the second and final consideration needs to be how to help the gardens/landscape develop and then maintain value (proper pruning and soil care). If gardens are already in existence you have other concerns and decisions to make. Understanding what you have, how it grows and how it will respond to pruning is the ultimate goal so as to regain value and managing future value. With this in mind there are three types of property owners. Which one are you. The first and most popular homeowner is the garden enthusiast. This individual is an active participant in the development, maintenance and management of their trees and gardens. The second example of property owners are those who want to be a part of their gardens yet don’t have the time to be as involved as they desire. Because of their time or knowledge constraints these people conceded and hire people to help them. The last group of homeowners don’t care about gardens and whatever is done as long as it is neat and clean with some green, somewhere, it is all good.

Determine which homeowner you represent and then begin building resources to meet your expectations. The thing all tree homeowners have in common is, eventually, all of them will reach an age where they choose to hire someone to keep their surrounding paradise managed at the level they are accustomed to or they move. If your the homeowner who cares not for gardens and trees then I’m curious what your doing visiting plantwithme.com. Everyone else I know it’s about empowering yourself and understanding how to get the greatest value out of the money you have spent on your gardens with forethought regarding future costs. I am hoping you have identified which gardening profile defines you.

With your homeowner profile defined choices need to be made. One of my favorite statements to most prospective customers is “when you pull up and into your driveway do you feel at home”? I am not talking about when you walk into your home. Before you pull into your garage as you look at your trees, gardens and landscape, are you proud and feel as though you have made it. Is what you see as you approach your property and pull up your driveway your ideal or are you envious of other people’s properties? Honesty is important as well as being realistic with your expectations. If your able to this question you are almost home, please excuse the pun, LOL. If all your gardens are in place your only challenge is the management and continuing maintenance. The goal is for everyone to have a sense of calm and satisfaction at the sight of their home and gardens. If this isn’t the case a plan is to be put into place to create this serenity.

I hope this article along with so many of my other writings can help everyone find their way to the paradise they envision in their minds. As the gardens around you grow may you find happiness and peace in the process. Until next time celebrate today, tomorrow and always.

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